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  • “Ollie Berger”

    “Ollie Berger”

    The loss of my best equine friend cannot be adequately express.From an embryo on my ultrasound through being an orphan to 24 years later. He slipped from life in my arms.

  • 500,000 Miles

    500,000 Miles

    Half a million miles with few mechanical problems.My GMC pick up truck is the most important piece of equipment. It takes me safely around the country visiting horse farms.

  • A Pain In My Finger

    A Pain In My Finger

    Our style of equine dentistry does not automatically medicate the horses. There are days I pay the price of a head that moves and my finger gets rasped instead of the tooth.

  • A Vet, A Truck And A Dog

    A Vet, A Truck And A Dog

    There is something about a dog(s) that goes with people, horses, a truck and dirty fingernails. We all will relate to this story of me and my dog on my first day of being a vet.

  • An African Breeze

    An African Breeze

    Hurricanes, floods, fires and ice bring anxiety along with preparation work. Similar natural disasters occur everywhere. Here are links for help in the US, FL and TX.

  • Barracuda!


    I struggled against the Atlantic Ocean current to hold my depth as I watched a barracuda effortlessly stare at me in the distance. To become as effortless with horses as a fish.

  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve

    Veterinarians are horse owners with confidence coming with the degree. But it wanes when we face life decisions on our own horse. This is my story of facing fear with my horse.

  • Comfortable


    People are comfortable where they are – unwilling to make the effort to connect with each other or their horses. People pass opportunities when they settle for being comfortable.

  • Fusaichi Pegasus

    Fusaichi Pegasus

    The grandson of Fusaichi Pegasus. I had floated the teeth of this great TB race horse when he won the Kentucky Derby. Also image’s from a client’s “Chicken Ranch.”

  • Ghost Town

    Ghost Town

    Flying from San Francisco in an almost empty 787 I discuss why I am still out here working on horses amidst COVID-19. I look at the silver linings of this new way of life.

  • Happy Holidays from The Equine Practice, Inc.

    Happy Holidays from The Equine Practice, Inc.

    May the Season be bright and the new year turn out to be just right. With warmest wishes for Good Health and Happiness. Have a wonderful New Year!

  • I Am Very Grateful

    I Am Very Grateful

    I reflect here on how the threat of COVID-19 is affecting all of us as I travel from a deserted Newark airport. I offer advice that seems to work for me and I hope you too.

  • Islands


    Horses are not found on islands unless they can swim there. I’ve worked on Gardner’s, Island, Shelter Island and the islands of Puget Sound. Here is my day on Orcas Island, WA.

  • Jimi Hendrix

    Jimi Hendrix

    This is a true story that looks at the cosmic connections we have all had at some point in our lives. The ending is thought provoking as we mystically connect with our horses.

  • Life Is Sooooooo Good

    Life Is Sooooooo Good

    Some days the sun shines, the music is good, horses behave and clients are appreciative. This was one of those days I needed to write about. It balances out the other days.

  • My Christmas Wish 2018

    My Christmas Wish 2018

    Root causes of horse diseases. How food triggers genetic disease expression. We need to start advocating for horses and not how marketing is telling us to treat them.

  • Nothing


    Nothing about dentistry, nutrition or horses. I take a break. We all should once in a while to rejuvenate my senses. Photography is how I do this. Just some of my 2017 photos.

  • Our Special Day

    Our Special Day

    This is a tribute to 38 years with Kathy. She recognized that “thing” in me that only a woman can recognize and she is the reason I am here with you today.

  • Retrospect


    Split rail fences in need of repair. stark against the snow randomly carved with animal paths. Melissa parked the car then we both just stared at the car’s thermometer.

  • Small Paradise

    Small Paradise

    A unique stall in south FL. We should be as creative on our own farms. I wonder how the horse likes it and if this helps their psyche as some horses spend a lot of time in stalls.

  • Stranded


    This wasn’t planned for the end of my day. A leak in a radiator hose shut us down for the day. Thankfully, AAA has sent this fine towing service and we are in the cab heading home.

  • Sun-Up Sunday In The Hamptons

    Sun-Up Sunday In The Hamptons

    The eastern tip of Long Island, NY. Trapped in the past filled with modern chic from the city. It’s also home to a working cattle ranch and arguable the country’s 1st cattle drive.

  • Thank You

    Thank You

    This is just a “Thank You” to all who invite us to your farm to help with your horses. We feel so blessed. No national holiday needed. While “booty” is not required, it is appreciated!

  • The 2014 Equine Affaire

    The 2014 Equine Affaire

    My family traveled to the 2014 Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA to bring attention to our style of Horsemanship Dentistry and our new Equine Dentistry School Online.

  • The George Washington Bridge

    The George Washington Bridge

    1 – the illegal closing of the GW bridge trapped us for hours as we crossed about midnight. 2 – the threshold of pain as it relates with dentistry. Several horses no longer require pain medications.

  • The Story of David

    The Story of David

    This is a true story that has nothing to do with horses. It’s about the connections in this universe. All horse owners have these experiences. They are ubiquitous.

  • Traveling On Back Country Roads

    Traveling On Back Country Roads

    Traveling miles and miles can cause mental fatigue which can lead to accidents, death and destruction. So it almost was with a large turtle versus my truck. Did he survive?

  • Travels With Doc T – June 19, 2014

    Travels With Doc T – June 19, 2014

    I have finally gotten over last week’s all night driving from NY to FL. I have also calmed down from my first helicopter flying experience for Father’s Day. WOW!

  • Travels With Doc T – June 23, 2014

    Travels With Doc T – June 23, 2014

    This past weekend spent working on the equine dentistry school. Nothing more to say here. Certainly fun, but not as much fun as flying the helicopter last weekend.

  • Travels With Doc T – June 3, 2014

    Travels With Doc T – June 3, 2014

    This rabbit and chickens on a non-profit in Florida help people with psychological disorders heal with help of nurses. Also extraction of 2 end stage cheek teeth in an “unhappy” horse.

  • Travels With Doc T – June 4, 2014

    Travels With Doc T – June 4, 2014

    A gorgeous summer day in NY. A sales barn with horses from Germany, France, Holland and Russia. A NY barn in the hills with 2 very large horses, one recovering from laminitis.

  • Travels With Doc T – June 6, 2014

    Travels With Doc T – June 6, 2014

    Pictures from New York on a summer’s day. A beautiful barn with hand made interior doors and a set of wolf teeth from a 27 year old that were loose at a therapy riding center.

  • Travels With Doc T – June 9, 2014

    Travels With Doc T – June 9, 2014

    Summer in the northeast. A beautiful barn in NJ, NY City southern sky line, parasite control images, a white tail deer in tall grass, a picturesque creek and waterfall.