Travels With Doc T – June 6, 2014

We were invited to do some work in a gorgeous farm in New York. It was built by a director of a famous TV show but has been sold to the current owner. Enjoy the pictures in the gallery below.

2018 – an update – this barn burned to the ground. No horses were lost.

We also spent the afternoon helping a non-profit therapy riding center in Massachusetts. The wolf teeth are from a 27 year old donkey. You might think that if he had them for this long they wouldn’t need pulling, but in his case they were becoming loose.

2 wolf teeth extracted from a 27 year old donkey. They were loose with finger pressure.

We ended the day in the beautiful hills of eastern NY on a glorious day filled with sunshine working on a private farm with nothing but fields and a big red barn. The reds, blues, and greens of June were irresistible for a photograph (top photo).

Tonight will be in the hotel room working on the dentistry school. More writing and placing pictures. I’ll update you some more later.

I also have about 200 more photos to upload to the horse’s advocate site.

Yikes! Gotta go – doc T


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