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I take complicated ideas about caring for your horse and simplify them into easily understandable messages.Doc T

Empowering horse owners like you by teaching the complex concepts of owning horses and simplifying them one topic at a time.

  • If you are you struggling in the overwhelm of information,
  • If you are wondering if you are making the right choices,
  • If you are feeling confused when working with the professionals, then you have landed in the right place.
  • I go to thousands of farms and hear from horse owners just like you every day.
  • I know there is a disconnect in information because the owner’s manual for the horse has gone missing.
  • You can stop worrying. You have found the place to untangle your brain.
  • (Close your mouth and blink. There are flies in the barn. You might swallow a few.)

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This is just an educational web site no different than a text book, a magazine, or a forum. It is just my opinion. Sign up and explore today by clicking the button below and becoming YOUR Horse’s Advocate. Thanks, Doc T