Fence Gates

The gates used in a fence line on horse farms range from elegant to unsafe, hand-made to mass-produced and maintained to barely keeping together.

Safety is the key here and is a recurring theme in this subject—also ease of opening and closing.  Nothing is worse than lifting a gate to get it off the ground for opening. Unfortunately, in trouble, gates that fall open when unlatched are right up there.  These opened gates leave a hole for all the other horses in the paddock to run through.

Gaps below the gate allow foals to roll out of the paddock and away from their mother.  Chaos ensues.

Some gates have wide gaps where pawing horses like to stick their legs through – usually just when their arch-enemy comes up to challenge, resulting in a broken leg.

Some gates are not wide enough for the equipment to get through.  Oops! Some gates have too much room for just you, so people have created pass-through gates.  These allow humans through but not horses.  These are handy until you become too large to pass through them.

Please consider the gates when you build the fence and engineer them correctly.  It will be worth it.

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