Mission Of The Horse’s Advocate

Our mission is Helping Horses Thrive In A Human World™.

The overarching goals are to:

  • Help the horse by honoring them as a species. They are NOT humans.
  • Provide a safe and healthy place for horses to live.
  • Provide economical and efficient solutions for horse feeding and care.
  • Provide an understanding of the horse’s body, organs and systems.
  • Provide information without any commercial agenda.

Horses and humans have coexisted for about 4000 years, according to historians. Until cars, trucks and railroads were used, horses needed to remain healthy and sound. In the 1940s, tractors replaced field horses. In the 1960s, President Eisenhower gave cars and trucks paved interstate roads. In the 1980s, the distribution of horse feed and materials became abundant. Suddenly the horse became a “beast of recreation” rather than a “beast of burden” in all developed countries. Yet there are still tens of millions of horses, asses and mules in the world where the equid is still the primary tool of work (Ethiopia has the largest population of equids per capita in the world).

Dr. Tucker has been with horses since 1973 and has experienced the transition in America of horses from a requirement to an option. This experience has included the horsemanship used, the feeding, the care and the structures used to maintain them. There is no going back in the size of the farms or barns we can afford to house them in. However, in the cleverness of humans, we have found millions of ways to make their lives “better” that in many ways parallel the improvements in our lives. But are these ideas really “better?”

This website dedicates itself to looking at guiding you through the maze of theories, products and services, all trying to make your life better but not always the lives of our horses better. In addition, it looks at housing and caring for horses that honor the horse. By understanding horses’ physiology, physical and mental requirements and psyche, we can all improve our horses’ lives as they still meet our current needs. These ideas apply to all breeds, sports and all areas of the planet because the specie called Equus is similar genetically and physically worldwide.

The mission of Helping Horses Thrive In A Human World™ includes the following:

  1. Provide information based on science and not on a product or service. There will be product and service endorsements because they need to help horses that are no longer living in the wild. I will offer these only if they are in the horse’s best interest, given the situation they are living in now.
  2. Provide information based on decades of successful use or experience, not a gimmick that would appear to work.
  3. Provide medical guidance based on a thorough understanding of the medical literature, experience or both. This information will continue to dig deep to understand the root cause rather than remain superficial to giving a treatment. Prevention always is prioritized over treatment and convenience. Proper treatment is prioritized over improper treatment.  Proper nutrition is prioritized over nutritional fixes.
  4. Provide a visual tour of thousands of farms where you can take advantage of their ideas and apply it to your farm.

Some Notes About This Website

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