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Since The Days Of The Romans

No one understands what it’s like to fail so much. That success is the only option left.

As a young boy, Geoff Tucker struggled with an undiagnosed learning disability. School was difficult, and his grades always stayed the same, no matter how hard he tried. As the son of a Manhattan corporate lawyer and the great-grandnephew of an Ivy League school president, expectations were high, but Geoff couldn’t succeed no matter how much he tried. After being turned down by numerous colleges, Geoff struck out to find his place in the world, which was with horses.

Much has been written about the close connection and healing power between humans and animals, but Geoff Tucker lived that experience. He slowly convinced himself that he could make a difference in the lives of people and horses by becoming a veterinarian. Along the way, the events he experienced changed his life forever.

Since the Days of the Romans chronicles Geoff’s journey from failed student to graduate of one of the most prestigious veterinary programs in the country. He is now a leading expert in his field and travels the country treating all kinds of horses, from Kentucky Derby winners and international show horses to beloved family companions.

Geoff’s story proves that no matter the obstacles, belief in yourself is the most critical factor in creating the life you want.

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True & Incredible Stories of a Horse Vet

True & Incredible Stories of a Horse Vet is told in detail by the veterinarian who experienced them first hand. Some are funny, while some cause you to share the pain of the horse and the owner.

All the stories teach an aspect of horse care or describe human traits as Dr. Tucker travels from one horse farm to another.

U.S. President Abe Lincoln often used parables to get his points across to the people regardless of their point of view. Dr. Tucker uses this method to go beyond entertainment to inform and teach. There is no better way to help solidify his experiences as an equine veterinarian in your world as the caregiver for your horses. Laughing and crying along the way is par for the course.

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The Ten Irrefutable Laws Of Horsemanship

An irrefutable law is a law that is impossible to deny or disprove.

Gravity is an irrefutable law. We can circumvent this law if we apply power to an airplane. Then the law of lift prevails – until power fails and the law of gravity takes over.

With horses, certain laws cannot be argued with. Often horse owners circumvent them as lift overrides gravity. But in the end, luck runs out.

In this book, Laws 1 through 4 apply to the physical handling of the horse. Laws 5 through 10 are psychological laws. Together, these Ten Irrefutable Laws of Horsemanship will help you connect with almost any horse daily within 30 seconds, not 30 minutes or 30 days. Dr. Tucker has used these daily with every horse he sees in his practice since 1984.

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