Travels With Doc T – June 3, 2014

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A lot has happened in the past few days. Mostly working on the school. Mostly organizing what is left to be done. It is almost overwhelming, but with a clear plan and a great team helping, it should come together.

This rabbit and the chickens were part of a farm in Florida that is a non-profit that helps people with psychological disorders heal with the help of nurses.

A long haired rabbit used in therapy of people with PTSD and other ailments.

Chicken out of the cage. These chickens are used in therapy of people with psychological illnesses.

We spent the rest of the day with the horses of a therapeutic riding center. It feels good to be around people who are helping others.

These teeth were found in a 20 year old mare in New York today. They had tilted into the cheek, smelled badly, were loose and painful. The groom said that she was looking “unhappy” as she ate her hay. I’m sure that now, with the pain eliminated, this horse will be a lot happier.

308 and 408 in a 22 year old mare. These teeth tilted laterally into the cheeks with packed hay. The tongue was unable to clean the areas. There was a malodor of decay in both teeth and both were loose and painful. Extractions were simple with IV pain medication. Both teeth had broken roots that had fractured in the past. The remaining roots were left where they were and the horse was given 3 days of Uniprim.

We are in NY, CT, and MA this week seeing a bunch of horses. I’ll tell you more as we travel. Weather reports are for rain but I’ll try to get some more BarnPics™. But it’s been 16 hours today including the flight so – that’s all.

Doc T



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