Travels With Doc T – June 4, 2014

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A gorgeous day in New York and Massachusetts to be working with horses. High 60’s with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine.

We started the day at a large show and sales barn with a lot of horses fresh in from Europe. They came from France, Germany, Holland, and Russia plus 1 or 2 other countries. The BarnPics™ seen here are from that barn. All the horses were easy to work with, even the one they cautioned us about because he freaks out all the time. Melissa just went right to work on the 17 hand warmblood and in no time, they were best friends. The people could not believe that he just stood there for floating, never hinting of a problem. His teeth were typically razor sharp for an imported horse from Europe.

A metal framed barn is clean and efficient.

The Belgian and Gypsy Vanner horses are friends up in the hills just to the west of the Hudson River. Their tails just presented themselves for a short time for this shot.

The small barn for the large horses

Finally, this horse badly foundered last March but is now “back in work” thanks to prompt action by the barn. The growth rings seen here were in all 4 hooves indicating inflammation from the laminitis.

Mature Appaloosa G that foundered 3 months earlier. Growth rings are prominent on all 4 hooves. These are the hind hooves.

We hope the weather stays like this here in the North East, especially for the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.

Doc T



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