Thank You

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This Is Not A Holiday

The end of February for most people is a time of the year filled with dark mornings and cold weather. There are no bright and colorful lights in our neighborhoods and the cheer of people is distant.

The holiday season in America starts somewhere about 6 months ago. First there are the spooky costumes of Halloween along with bowls of candy. Soon after comes the celebration of the autumn harvest. During this time it is traditional to give thanks to all for the bountiful season of food, family and friends. The holiday spirit gets into full swing with everyone saying, “Happy Thanksgiving!” This is quickly followed by sales and shopping as it is the season of cheer and gift giving. It finally ends with Super Bowl parties and Valentine’s day.

But now, at the end of February, in the middle of winter and with no future holiday to celebrate, I wanted to really say “Thank You” for no other reason than to say it. Today is not a holiday. Today is just another day.

This Is Just Today

Today was another amazing day for all of us at The Equine Practice, Inc because every day is truly amazing for us. We are always so grateful. It is because of all of you that we feel this way. This is our personal “Thank You” to everyone.

Thank you for allowing and trusting us to work with your horses.

We often hear how grateful you are for our horsemanship.   The way we connect with your horses.   The way we do it without automatically sedating their horses.  Grateful for the results you get from our removal of ALL the causes of pain in their mouth. We look at this as our job. It is the reason you call us and you expect this.

What you might not think about is how grateful we are to all of you for trusting us to work on your horse. We don’t take this for granted so you will not get a card stamped with our names on it during the holidays. Instead you get this. A giant thank you note written by me in my hotel room somewhere in America.

Melissa and I talk almost every day about how our day went and it is common for us to tell with excitement how a horse really connected and responded positively to what we did. Yes excitement even after the tens of thousands of horses we have worked on. Almost every day we tell each other how grateful we are that we have been blessed in this profession with horse owners who know the difference between horse dentists and techniques. You have the option to call anyone and you choose us for your horse dental care.

Thank you!

Thank you to all that read my blogs.

Thank you to all who respond to the marketing my wife Kathy and my son Matt do to help get our message to you.

Thank you for commenting on the blogs and most importantly sharing them so horse owners around the world can hear about our dentistry and horse care.

Thank you to the veterinarians who read and listen to the things we talk about and feel comfortable in referring their clients to us. We are so humbled by every one of your referrals.

Thank you to the horse owners trusting their gut feeling that we can do our job competently and for telling others about our positive experience.

Thank you to those who celebrate our visits by sending cards, writing notes, giving gift cards, baking cookies, bringing treats or giving us extra cash. Melissa and I are very grateful for every one of your thoughtful and sincere gestures.

You are all champions for horses everywhere. We take your trust seriously and our thanks to you is sincere. It is because of you that we get up in the morning and go to your barns and see your horses. It is because of you becoming The Horse’s Advocate that motivates us.

On this ordinary day in the middle of winter with no manufactured reason, Kathy, Matt, Melissa and me, Doc T, just wanted to say…… “Thank you.”

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  1. I am so grateful for all you have done to help my horses over the years, but the horses are the ones who are truly lucky to have you and Melissa.

  2. This was such a nice message. I always tell people how much I love our Horse Dentist. I thank my good friend for telling me about you all and feel very lucky that our boys get a visit from you twice a year. So I thank YOU All for who you. Spring is around the corner 🙂