Travels With Doc T – June 9, 2014

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It was a busy weekend so there are a bunch of pictures here.

The red barns were too picturesque to pass up on a late spring day in New Jersey.

Parasite control is taken seriously on this farm with snow shovels mounted on every 4th post around the paddock for manure removal. Note how the paddock is free of manure piles. More in the gallery

This quiet creek downstream from the rushing falls was seen as we passed over a bridge along the road in NY

This deer was seen in the New York farm’s field as we left. He was leery of me as he bounded away.

From pastoral to the Big Apple, my view through the windshield of the new World Trade Center as we drive in Brooklyn along the southern tip of Manhattan.

A very busy weekend. And any down time in the hotel is spent writing content for the dentistry school. Also, my autobiography looks like it is just about ready, though I’ve been saying this since March.

See you tomorrow – Doc T

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