Our Special Day

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A special Travels With Doc T™ today –

Most of you have met me or Melissa in person and know our passion for working with your horses using horsemanship skills developed over 42 years working with tens of thousands of different horses.  A lot of you know we travel about the United States to offer relief from oral pain in those horses.  So far this year I have spent 89 nights (almost half of this year) away from home in a hotel and my 2007 truck just passed the 500,000 mile mark.

But there is another side to me.  A side seen only by a few of you.  It is the part of my life that completes me, gives me the reason to return home, and keeps me glued together when times become tough and things seem to be falling apart.  Her name is Kathy and today is our 38th anniversary of our wedding.

The “Pony Barn” in Bedford Hills, NY where I worked and met my wife in 1976. This is the exact spot where I first saw Kathy.

We met on a horse farm in Bedford Hills, NY in July, 1976 and were married a year later.  Here are a few pictures .  You can read about how Kathy shaped my life and supported me throughout my career by reading my book, “Since The Days Of The Romans – My Journey Of Discovering A Life With Horses.”  It is available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.  Go here for the links: TheEquinePractice.com/store.

I love you and so very much appreciate you, Kathy.  Happy Anniversary sweetheart.

One of Kathy’s many quilts she has made over the years along with upholstery, window treatments, dolls, and Halloween costumes to make our home beautiful.

Kathy, Matt, and me.



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