Injury Prevention In Horses

Injury Prevention

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Horse Basic Care And Safety – The Cast Horse

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material The cast horse is whan a horse lays down too close to a wall or fence. In an effort to get up, they cannot get their limbs underneath their bodies. They become stuck and what follows is dependant on the horse. Either they become...

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Horse Injury Prevention – Barn Filth And Disrepair

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material Having filth is a sign that the owner doesn’t care about the horses in his or her custody.  But I have also seen inside the homes of these people and usually they are just as filthy.  The environment is usually also in disrepair. ...

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Horse Injury Prevention – Dangerous Things Around Horses

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material There are so many dangerous things I have found on horse farms.  These include sharp objects, exposed electric wires and bee hives in the wall.  Most of the issues come from either laziness of the barn owner or lack of money to...

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Podcast #045 – The Importance Of The Top Line In Horses

The top line of horses is the muscles along the back bone from the withers to the rump. It is where the saddle or load goes onto the horse. It is an indicator of the overall athletic condition of the horse and is often seen as a “poor” top line when the...

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Top 10 Horse Barn Safety Tips – a HorseTalk™ Webcast

This is Doc T with my HorseTalk™ webcast about the Top 10 Barn and Farm Safety Tips. This is a FAST PACED video so get a pad of paper and pen to write down all the ideas I go through to make your farm safer for horses. Most of the dangerous things on your farm are not...

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Topic – Barn Structures – Casting Rails

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material A horse becomes cast when they lie down next to a wall with their legs facing away from that wall then they roll over onto their backs and continue that roll until their legs now face that wall (they roll over). Instead of having...

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Topic – Barn Structures – Kick Mats

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material Some horses like to kick when in their stalls.  If behavior modification or horse relocation is not an option then adding cushioning to the direct kick to the wall becomes necessary to prevent injury to the horse.  Yes they can...

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Topic – Barn Structures – Stall Wall Sandwich Boards

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material Stall walls made of plank boards stacked on edge inside a channel make a quick set up for stalls.  They also provide an easy way to take the wall down to double the size of a stall.  A sandwich board ties these boards together...

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Topic – Farm Fencing – Safety

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material Horses don’t normally live behind fences.  They are inherently dangerous for the horse although being born and raised behind one, the young horse learns quickly to respect them.  Yet injury from fencing occurs every day. There are...

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Topic – Horse Injury Prevention – An Introduction

This subject is important as it could be called financial loss prevention or pain and suffering prevention (same with disease prevention). Injury prevention is sometimes impossible because no matter how hard you try, the horse seems to find a way to hurt themselves or...

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Topic – Horse Injury Prevention – Bad Ideas Around Horses

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material Every now and then I see a “bad idea” with good intentions on a horse farm.  Usually the idea springs from the mind wanting an easier way of doing something.  However not much thought is put into the idea from the perspective of...

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Topic – Injury Prevention – Water Bucket Safety

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material Water bucket safety is one of my favorite topics about injury prevention on horse farms that can be practiced by everyone.  Look at the images in the gallery and watch my webinar on this subject then start using the ideas right...

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