Top 10 Horse Barn Safety Tips – HorseTalk Webinar

This is Doc T with my HorseTalk™ webcast about the Top 10 Barn and Farm Safety Tips. This is a FAST PACED video so get a pad of paper and pen to write down all the ideas I go through to make your farm safer for horses. Most of the dangerous things on your farm are not expensive to correct. It only takes your energy and time. So this is a nice way of saying that the most dangerous things on a farm are caused by laziness.

So let’s try something. As well as taking notes, write down all the things you can think of that you can correct in the next week – then take action and fix those dangerous things. Write it all down and polish up your words. Then, copy and paste that into a forum discussion.

Thanks – as always – for taking the time to listen and to become YOUR Horse’s Advocate™.
Here are the top 10 horse Barn & Safety topics:

  • Fencing Safety
  • Stall Walls and Sandwich Boards
  • Casting rails
  • Bucket safety
  • Lighting Safety
  • Fire Prevention
  • Electrical Utility Safety
  • Filthy Environments
  • Generally Dangerous Things
  • Miscellaneous Safety

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