Kick Mats


Some horses like to kick when in their stalls.  If behavior modification or horse relocation is not an option, then adding cushioning to the direct kick to the wall becomes necessary to prevent injury to the horse.  Yes, they can kick until they are hurt.  They can also damage the barn.  Kick mats will help both.

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  1. I glued my mats to a piece of 3/4” plywood. On the wall itself I put 2×4’s across for the plywood to attach to; top, middle and bottom. I have found this to work well for my horses. It protects the wall of the stall, allows for better attachment of the plywood and mat to the wall so it is more secure. If for some reason he breaks the plywood, I just have to unscrew the mat/plywood and replace the plywood with a new sheet and glue the mat. I use outdoor flooring glue and apply it with a roller. This gives me a secure product that I can then mount on the 2×4’s. It is heavy but everything is square. I do this b/c if I leave sections uneven my horse will chew on it and eventually peel the mat off the plywood. I use self-tapping wood screws and large washers to prevent the mat from tearing around the screw head. Lag bolts work too but tend to stick out more than I prefer.

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