Horse Care Topics

Horse Care Topics

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Aging Horses By Their Teeth – a photographic study of horses age 3 to 30+.

Basic Care And Safety – including you and your horses.

Behavior – concepts in understanding things horses do.

Body Features – things that make them unique.

Coat Colors And Patterns  – based on genetic understanding of why they look the way they do.

Dentistry – the theories and practice of dentistry in horses.

Disease Prevention – all the things to do to keep the horses healthy.

Foal Delivery – from conception to 1 year of age.

Horsemanship – what to use every day with every horse.

Injury Prevention – common sense things to do to reduce injuries.

Nutrition – based on current science to feed horses as they were made to be fed.

Reproduction – The stallion and the mare systems and the art of getting a foal.

Trailering Horses – based on what I learned shipping horses professionally in every kind of trailer.

Treatments and Therapies – so many to discuss.

Veterinary Medicine – my general thoughts about the veterinary profession.