Trailering Horses


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Horse Trailering – An Introduction

This is a subject you might think a vet is not fluent in.  However you all need to know that for a while I shipped horses professionally before and during vet school.  I drove the big 18 wheel semi trailers (Mack, Freightliner and Peterbilt) all over the east coast of...

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Horse Trailering – Trailer Features

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material There are dozens of features I have seen from air conditioning to full water systems and tack rooms to sleeping quarters.  This is something personal and is constantly improving.  I have no advice here, just some images with...

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Horse Trailering – Trailer Types

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material There are so many different types of trailers made with different materials and configured in many ways.  It is a personal preference which type you use as there are advantages and disadvantages to each.  If money were no object I...

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Topic – Horse Trailering – Driving Tips

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material I know how to drive.  I’ve been driving since 1968.  I have driven motorcycles, small cars, pick up trucks and a long nose Peterbilt 18 wheel semi truck with 18 gears in the transmission.  I have hauled freight and horses all over...

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Topic – Horse Trailering – Shipping Tips

SummaryArticleVideosRelated Material Shipping horses is fun as long as nothing bad happens. There are two causes of bad things. Either you do something wrong like go too fast around a curve or, more likely, someone or something else (deer, hog, drunk driver) does...

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