Trailering Horses – On The Road Again – Rounds With Doc T

Here is the replay of the July 2021 Rounds With Doc T, “Trailering Horses – On The Road Again.”

Some of you may know Doc has some experience behind the wheel, moving horses around the country in just about every type of vehicle there was to move them. So if you ever had any questions about getting your horse from A to B safely or want to listen to what we are sure will be some awesome stories, then don’t miss out on this one. Doc has sage advice and some great stories to tell!

Note that there are more details and images you need to read and look at on the TOPICS page in the section of “Farms and Barns” in the chapter “Trailering Horses.”

Also, the presentation is available as a PDF that you can download (below the video). Print this before watching so you can make your notes. And one more thing – I have added some notations within the video to correct or clarify some of what I say.

Thanks for watching and being your horse’s advocate! Doc T

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