*Injury Prevention

This subject is important as it could be called financial loss prevention or pain and suffering prevention (like disease prevention).

Injury prevention is sometimes impossible because no matter how hard you try, the horse seems to find a way to hurt themselves or each other. But there are a lot of things you can do to mitigate the obvious. The topics here cover some of these things, but you must always be on the lookout for danger.

I remember watching Melissa work on a horse, and as the horse backed up in the stall, something caught my eye. Small but moving fast, some bees disappeared into a ¼-inch (6mm) hole in the wall. That hole was exactly where the butt of this horse was heading.

Once my shirt got caught on the tip of a screw in a stall wall. Someone placed it from the other side of the wall to hold up some tack. Unfortunately, it had penetrated slightly beyond the width of the stall wall into the adjoining stall, where my shirt and the horse’s skin were getting close.

The environment is constantly evolving. Always be looking out for these changes. Nothing remains safe, not when there are horses involved.

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