Water Bucket Safety

Water bucket safety is one of my favorite topics about injury prevention on horse farms that everyone can practice. First, look at the images in the gallery and watch my webinar on this subject, then start using the ideas immediately.

The danger comes when the horse places his head within the partially filled bucket, then he catches his eyelid on the handle or snaps, ripping it off.  Eyelids are essential parts. Suturing them back on is an art to prevent defects and scars.  I loved to suture them back into position with no detectable scar a month later.  However, some of my colleagues would use too large a suture material and not oppose the edges exactly, leaving a horrible eyelid disfigurement and even loss of function.

Avoiding the cause of eyelid lacerations is easy and costs a little more than nothing than what you have already invested in your buckets.

Water bucket safety prevents eyelid damage.

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