Incisor Decay And EOTRH In Horses

I have written a lot about EOTRH in the incisors and the canines and the articles can be found in the “Related Material” tab.  Please go there to read these.  In addition there are over 180 images of EOTRH in horses where you can compare what you have in your horse.  These are just the incisors.  Please check out the images for EOTRH in canines here.

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⬇︎ CLICK ANY IMAGE BELOW TO REVEAL MORE INFORMATION ⬇︎ NOTE – There are 182 images below all with captions and many are the same horse over time.

I have not written an article here for this topic but be sure to check the captions of the images below.

I have added a link to “Related Material” tab – please read this article, Doc T

This is a very short video. Also note the thickened edge of the gums surrounding the incisors, another indicator of EOTRH.