Colic In Horses – Rounds With Doc T

Colic is the word that describes any pain coming from the horse’s abdomen. The organs causing this pain are usually the intestines, including the small intestines, cecum and colon. It may also include the stomach, kidneys, spleen, ovaries, uterus, or any combination. When any of these are not working correctly or placed in an abnormal position, the result is often pain.

Colic pain can vary depending on the cause and the individual horse. Like a dimmer switch on a light, the pain ranges from barely perceptible to dull, chronic to acute “just kill me now!” While the last one seems to be the most important, the others are equally important and may also be life-threatening. Therefore, one of the most important expressions to know is this: The degree of pain does not equal the severity of the colic.

This Rounds With Doc T discusses what colic is, recognizing it, and what to do about it. Remember, the best colic is the one that doesn’t happen, so prevention is key.

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