Horse Systems and Diseases

Horse Diseases And Systems

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Circulatory System – the heart, vessels, lymph, blood

Digestive System – From the lips to the anus and anything to do with the digestion of food (but not the teeth and oral cavity).

Eye (Ocular) System – How they work and the problems they can have.

Foal Diseases – all the things about growing a foal and how to get them through this delicate time of life.

Genetic Diseases – the things that the genes control and when they don’t work correctly.

Hooves – all the problems that can occur in the hooves.

Immune System – the way it works and how it is used to fight disease.

Locomotion – the movement of the body that moves the horse including lameness / unsoundness.

Metabolism and Hormones – how they control the cellular functions to control the whole horse.

Musculoskeletal System – the bones, muscles and all the connective tissue.

Neoplastic Diseases – cancer and some thoughts on how to prevent it.

Nervous System – various descriptions of how it works and how it can show as disease.

Parasites – internal and external parasite diseases.

Reproductive System – how horses reproduce.

Respiratory System – from the nostrils to the lungs including the sinuses.

Skin and Hair – the largest and most obvious organ of the horse.

Teeth and Oral Cavity – what I have seen over the decades inside the mouth of the horse.

Toxins and Poisons – chemicals both natural and man-made that can harm the horse.

Urinary System – from the kidneys to urine.