Podcast #079 – Equine Dentistry For 40 Years

Four decades of floating horses have filled me with experiences hard to gain from a textbook. In fact, in 1983, there was only one book on equine dentistry written by an equine dentist from New Jersey; however, other mentions in textbooks on horse care date back 100 years.

The questions often asked by horse owners about the care of the teeth in horses are the basis of this podcast. Using the guide of the questions in my blog, “Horse Dentistry – Frequently Asked Questions,” I cover most topics in my daily travels to horse farms.

  • Does my horse need dentistry?
  • Why dentistry is an essential part of a veterinary practice.
  • Expectations between the client and the vet or dentist.
  • How often should dentistry be performed on horses?
  • The purpose of floating teeth (basic dentistry).
  • Are your horse’s teeth floated well?
  • Why should dentistry be performed on my horse?
  • Why do I not use power equipment to float horses?

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