Podcast #056 – Horse Dentistry Questions

The Equine Practice Inc, The Horse's Advocate

My equine veterinary practice is limited to horses’ teeth and the oral cavity. Almost all of this practice is removing the sharp enamel points that cause discomfort within the oral cavity. I have been doing this since 1983 (39 years) and full-time since 1998 (24 years).

This episode goes over some frequently asked questions I often get asked as I meet horse owners. My answers are not based on scientific facts because there are no clear scientific facts in equine dentistry. Instead, I found these answers on the more than 75,000 horses I have performed dentistry. Technically this is called anecdotal evidence. I invite anyone, especially veterinarians, to discuss what I say here to help better understand what is happening inside horses’ mouths.

These questions are not a complete list of the process and science of equine dentistry. More can be seen at TheHorsesAdvocate.com and HorsemanshipDentistry.com. I also offer a course called The Essentials Of Equine Dentistry for horse owners to learn more about this fascinating aspect of horse care.

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