Horsemanship Dentistry Course

The Essentials Of Horsemanship Dentistry Course is for every horse owner and equine professional…

… who want to expand and validate their knowledge of equine dentistry. Wise horsemen know dentistry is essential but this focused course dives deep into exactly what role the teeth play in the health, training and well-being of your horse. Beyond just the teeth, this course also teaches how we connect with our horses working with them to achieve a goal. The Essentials Of Horsemanship Dentistry Course will ensure you are a well-informed horseman with all aspects of equine dentistry.


  • Exactly what the process of floating is and how it benefits the horse.
  • Determine if your Veterinarian or Equine Dentist is getting to ALL of the teeth.
  • Why using Power Tools is NOT necessary when used on the soft enamel of teeth.
  • 3 reasons why Hand Floating without sedation is better for your horse.
  • What makes the unobstructed tongue and chewing motion so important to the health of the teeth?
  • What the real purpose of incisors are and why reduction (rasping) is NOT necessary.
  • How your horses’ dental issues can DRASTICALLY impact their behavior and response when riding.
THA Essentials of Horsemanship Dentistry Course
  • Unit 1: An Introduction To Equine Dentistry
  • Unit 2: The Advantages of the Horsemanship Dentistry Technique
  • Unit 3: The Specialized Hypsodont Teeth Of Horses
  • Unit 4: The Reasons For Dentistry In Horses
  • Unit 5: Dentistry As A Part of The Horse Training Process
  • Unit 6: The Different Processes of Preventive Dentistry In Horses
  • Unit 7: The Various Theories in Equine Dentistry
  • Unit 8: The Signs That Corrective Dentistry May Be Needed
  • Unit 9: Aging The Horse
  • Unit 10: Relationship Between Dentistry and Nutrition
  • Unit 11: Today’s Equine Dentistry Needs

Geoff Tucker DVM

“I Believe Every Horse Owner Will Benefit From the Knowledge of Equine Dentistry”

Geoff Tucker DVM

This course is designed for all horse owners. I wanted to give you the resources to determine if you are getting adequate care for your horses and ensure you are not wasting money trying to solve issues that either don’t exist or are not the real cause of the complaint.

The Horsemanship Dentistry Course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the unique teeth and the oral cavity of horses and how horses use their teeth, which are different than every other domestic animal! The condition of the teeth influences the health and behavior of horses and ultimately how you and your horse communicate.

What Some Horse Owners Have To Say:

If for any reason you do not find this information helpful and life-changing for your horse I will give you a full 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase.

My Biggest Goal is to empower horse owners with the information to better their horses’ lives. If you truly do not feel that I have lived up to that goal, please also provide me feedback so I can do better.

 – Geoff Tucker, DVM.