Introduction To Locomotion And Soundness In Horses

An introduction to locomotion and soundness in horses

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Caudal Heel Pain Videos

These are videos about caudal heel pain which includes navicular disease, sole bruising, long toe-low heel conformation and others. Return to caudal heel pain Navicular disease (caudal heel pain) – Part 1 Navicular disease (caudal heel pain) – Part 2...

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Long Toe, Low Heel – The Root Of Horse Lameness

Long toe and low heels in the conformation of the horse hoof, when viewed sideways, is the primary cause of lameness in horses including navicular syndrome (caudal heel pain), tendon injury, ligament injury, concussive injuries, and poor gait.

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Piezoelectric Currents And Bones In Horses


Have you ever wondered why bones are not shaped like I-beams or 2×4 lumber? This short lesson on biophysics and biochemistry may actually help you understand two very important things that will keep your horse sound and why training is so important in maintaining soundness in your horse.

Step out of your comfort zone and learn about this fascinating subject.

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