He offered to go over my body right there in the barn aisle. He got to my left rib cage, and I cautioned him to go easy there. I had broken a rib in that area several years earlier. He jumped for joy, exclaiming he had found the reason for my left forearm pain and my use of 6 to 8 Tylenol per day to get through. Then, he placed the butt of his hand against my rib next to my backbone and shoved me there with a quick and powerful stroke. The next day I felt I had been run over by a train, but the arm pain was gone, and to this day, 25 years later, it has never returned.

Another time, I had completed floating a horse not far from home. That evening, the owner called, saying the horse could not open his mouth. I went to the farm and discovered the horse was unwilling to open only one side while the other side worked normally. I made a quick adjustment to the locked jaw and relieved him immediately.

Veterinary chiropractic adjustment works if the chiropractor is experienced. Unfortunately, I see many who are ineffective, just like any other profession. Choose carefully.

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