Horse Nervous System – Cataplexy / Narcolepsy / Sleeping Disorder

Sleep is something every animal on the planet does including insects, birds, fish, aquatic mammals, you, me and our horses. We humans spend a third of our lives sleeping and in that time we repair and strengthen our health systems. So do our horses but little is known. There seems to be an increase in “narcolepsy” in horses which really isn’t an accurate use in horses of this human disease. Now it is known as Sleeping disorder in Horses (or something like that) . But this podcast doesn’t spend a lot of time on this one problem that seems to be escalating in number over the years. Rather Doc T just talks about the things that happen when we sleep. From there we look at what might be happening in our horses when they sleep. Related materialSleep In Horses– The Horse’s Advocate Podcast #013 Use the browser back button or menu to return to the index of topics. ⬇︎ CLICK ANY IMAGE BELOW TO REVEAL MORE INFORMATION ⬇︎ there are noi images.
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Sleep In Horses– The Horse’s Advocate Podcast #013


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