Introduction To Horse Basic Care And Safety

Basic care of the horse are the steps you would find in the “quick start up guide” found with something you buy from the appliance store or the car you bought.  Safety is all about common sense.  The basic problems here are 1) many horse owners are new to owning horses and 2) the person teaching them is also unfamiliar with their care.

Who taught you how to feed your horse?  Who taught them? Unfortunately we all live at least 4 generations from when we actually needed horses to survive and cars didn’t exist.  Back then our parents and grandparents knew but today, these mentors don’t exist.  We turn to magazines filled with advertisers suggesting their product will fix everything.  We turn to vets, farriers and other horse professionals for advice but most of what they know comes from books or a limited experience.  Worse, their advice is usually agenda driven.  It is rare to find a 3rd generation vet or farrier and the other professionals (chiropractics, acupuncturists, etc) are only 1 generation old (or relatively new to the industry).

Here is my attempt to be a mentor to you to help you avoid some of the problems that hurt horses.  It is also a “quick start up guide” for owning and caring for horses.  It really isn’t complicated but like a car, there are some things you need to know if you want it (or your horse) to stay healthy and last a long time.

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Basic Dental Care In Horses

Horse’s teeth erupt throughout their lives with constant wear occurring from teeth grinding against opposing teeth and continual stropping by the tongue. This wear is uneven and creates razor sharp edges that cause discomfort as those edges ulcerate the cheek and their tongue. So if eruption and wear is continuous throughout the life of the horse and the result is pain within the mouth, AND the removal of the sharp points (floating) is easily done, WHY DO SO MANY HORSE OWNERS AVOID THIS IMPORTANT ASPECT OF HORSEMANSHIP?

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Leading Foals

When a foal is lead anywhere, it is important to balance control of the foal with having the foal learn leadership. This is such an important part of his lifelong success with humans that it needs to be started on day one.

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