Horse Immune Diseases – Equine Asthma (COPD, Heaves)

Equine asthma is the new terminology for what horse owners for ages have called “Heaves,” COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, “Broken Wind” and others. Today it is recognized that what is occuring in horses is similar to what is occuring in humans, Therfore it is now called Equine Asthma and I agree with this. ALSO – – Many are now realizing that equine asthma, like human asthma, is secondary to metabolic syndrome in horses (EMS) as in humans (HMS). Please look at the topics in nutrition and metabolic syndrome for more information on EMS. Related material – Sometimes I have a lot of material here that I have written, podcasted, video blogs and other things.  They will be listed in this tab. Use the browser back button or menu to return to the index of topics. ⬇︎ CLICK ANY IMAGE BELOW TO REVEAL MORE INFORMATION ⬇︎ There are no images
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