The Right To Prevent – Podcast #018

As horse owners, we have a right to protect and to prevent injury and disease from happening to the horses under our care. However, owners are being blocked at every turn by caring people trying to make the lives of our horses better. But are they able to do this while also being driven by an agenda?

The horse owner’s manual that was supposed to come with every horse is missing a lot of pieces – or maybe it never came with your horses. We turn to professionals to ask what to do but no advice is given to prevent disease. Specialists with a narrow field of offerings only to fix what is wrong, not prevent it from happening.

What if colic, laminitis, lameness and more were preventable? Owners and their horses would be happy but many specialists would lose their authority. This podcast discusses this place horse owners find themselves in – between those good people who help by fixing and those who help by preventing.


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