Podcast #040 – Keeping Equine Practitioners In Horse Practices

Horse owners are facing a shortage of equine veterinarians if they live any distance from horses living in a dense population. The cost of a veterinary education and the poor return on the student’s investment compared to their small animal colleagues is the biggest reason. While you think the vet’s bill for work on your horses is high, the group practices pay the new vet little. And if they are a woman, they are paid less than a man with the same credentials. There are more reasons including the work load and the lack of a balanced personal life. I discuss all the reasons why there are few good horse vets coming out of vet school and settling in your area. The podcast is based on information presented at the 2021 AAEP annual meeting discussing the 50% attrition rate of new graduates leaving the AAEP organization after 5 years – and becoming small animal vets or just completely leaving the profession.


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