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The primary purpose of the “no-grain challenge” is to offer horse owners a way to feed horses according to their evolutionary development. The reason is to prevent the plethora of ailments horses now have that, in my experience, were not around 50 years ago. These include: dropped fetlocks, kissing spine, white line disease, the abundance of equine metabolic syndrome, the abundance of Cushing’s disease, the abundance of insulin resistance and laminitis, fractured cheek teeth, EOTRH of the incisor and canine teeth, sleep disorders, nephro-splenic ligament entrapment colic, and the epidemic of suspensory injury and skin diseases.

I invented a new word: complexicate. This describes the creation of complexity of something to make that idea more important than any other idea without proof. In other words, marketing. I have attempted to decomplexicate the feeding of horses to remove the root causes of the above ailments plaguing our horses today. Many horse owners worldwide have joined me by accepting the no-grain challenge, and almost everyone doing so has seen the benefits.

This Rounds With Doc T explores the challenge, where it came from, and how it is doing. Included are testimonials, the most commonly asked questions, and why adding high-quality protein is so important.

“Members can watch replays of “Rounds With Doc T” and get more details in the Forums and the AMAs, and can add comments anywhere (discover membership here).”Members can watch replays of “Rounds With Doc T” and get more details in the Forums and the AMAs and can add comments anywhere (discover membership here).

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