Review Of Feeding Horses – Podcast #071

The Equine Practice Inc, The Horse's Advocate

Over the past month, I have heard many great stories about how well the no-grain plus soybean meal diet works from my dentistry clients. However, they also tell me how difficult it can be to tell others about it.

This episode starts by explaining why I have been absent for a few weeks. Sorry about that! Then I mistakenly said this would be a short and brief review of the basics of feeding horses. But like a runaway horse, I go from one basic point to another, attempting to tie together ALL the basic points.

So, don’t become overwhelmed with all the bits. Rather, take one or two things I say here and keep those parts handy the next time someone says, “What! Don’t feed grain to horses? Then how will they survive???” Use the things you feel confident about and then send the bewildered person to this podcast or the website,, for more information. I don’t mind doing the heavy lifting, but I’m counting on all of you to get them here. 

I am grateful for all of you supporting this mission and Helping Horses Thrive In A Human World™. If you want to dig deeper, join The Horse’s Advocate and take the nutrition course. Doc T

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