Report on James (testimony)

here are my results from your challenge to change james diet for 2 weeks to help with his itching

i will keep this short and sweet–

start time pm feeding 9/3 ending am feeding 9/17
i was only feeding am & pm 3 + flakes of alfalfa hay—plus a small handfull of alfalfa pellets—–james was turned out am & pm weather (heat permitting)

after 7 days i noticed a significant change—his itching had decreased tremendously—continued with second week

9/14 contacted southern states—explained my dilemma— changed james diet to reflect less oats & wheat
started feeding new diet pm 9/17

will keep you posted on any changes

ursula robnson

I responded to Ursula with this reply:

Thanks Ursula

I am confused. After 7 days you noticed a significant improvement in his itching. Were there any other changes?
If there was an improvement, why did you go back to a feed with less oats and wheat?

Remember – it is NOT the amount but the inflammatory reaction to the grain. In other
words, any grain in some horses will cause inflammation.

Keep us posted

Ursula’s reply to me:

good evening—sorry my mistake—read my ingredients again—james new diet has no oats & wheat—supplement–golden flaxseed omega-will keep you posted.

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