Podcast #110 – Protein In Horse Diets

The Equine Practice Inc, The Horse's Advocate

This podcast continues the simplification of one of the 7 “things” placed into our horses. These are air, water, minerals, various plant compounds, sugar, protein, and fat. The last two podcasts covered sugar and fat. Today, I discuss protein in the diets of horses.

Proteins are the most important of all the ingredients that horses need besides air and water. When planning horse diets, you must determine how much protein is required before adding carbohydrates and fats. This podcast explains what proteins are and why it is essential to start here.

Using a protein-first approach to feeding your horses, you are arming them to fight disease, illness, and lameness; all of these will end your horse’s usefulness prematurely or worse. High-quality protein is the key to giving horses a healthspan and improving your return on your investment.

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