Podcast #108 – Sugar In Horse Diets

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PLEASE NOTE AN ERROR AT 32 minutes and 25 seconds: I said (and wrote) pyruvate, but I meant to say PROPIONATE as one of the short-chain fatty acids.

Welcome to 2024! This year, I aim to break down all the details of what we feed our horses into bite-sized, easy-to-digest pieces of information. Based on feedback, when we get an overload of information, only parts stick in our memories and knowledge base. When challenges, either by ourselves or others asking questions about what we’ve learned, our memory fails.

This podcast is the first in a series that starts this process. I take one of the seven things placed inside the horse – sugar – and I define it and then discuss its relationship to the other things placed in the horse. Future podcasts will do the same for fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Later, I will bring these concepts together and look at how they work in our horses (metabolism) both on the cell level and the whole body.

If I do this correctly, everyone will have the information to feed horses in a way that will help them thrive. But only some people need the details to think that what I say makes sense. They “get it” but may not be able to defend it. These podcasts will help those who want to spread the information to others, and this is as important as helping your horses because there are so many more horses out there waiting to hear this message.

Let me leave you with what my client said yesterday, after switching over to a no-grain diet plus soybean meal eight months ago, “all of my horses are happier, fitter, healthier, coats are beautiful, weights look consistently perfect, and the performance has been nothing but fantastic!” Let’s get this message out to others. Thank you for watching or listening. Doc T

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