Podcast #105 – Dentistry Effects On Nutrition And A Thanksgiving Message

The Equine Practice Inc, The Horse's Advocate

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I have a special message at the end of this podcast, but the essence of it is this – I am thankful for each person who takes the time to listen to my podcast and then share it with others. Together, we all will Help Horses Thrive In A Human World!

I ran across a brief article filled with so much misinformation about dentistry in horses and its relationship to their nutrition that I had to pick it apart. Join me on this quick rant about science (or the lack thereof) and the efforts of its findings to mislead horse owners about their horses’ care. I then added the dental report that came with a horse I saw today. The bottom line is this: Floating teeth is all about removing oral pain from horses, nothing more.

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