Podcast #102 – Florida Association of Equine Practitioners 2023 Meeting #2 of 4

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Here are the lectures covered on this day.

1) Why Understanding Injury Pathogenesis Is Important, Chris Kawcak, DVM. He first discusses why understanding injury is essential, then moves to define lameness versus asymmetry. The problem is predicting the outcome for individual horses.

2) Using What We Know To Influence Injury Prevention, Chris Kawcak, DVM. The task of identifying at-risk horses before they are injured. This discussion is divided into 1) external data using wearable devices, 2) internal data, 3) perceptual well-being, and 4) readiness. He touches on machine learning (AI), reiterating the importance of easily predicting before they occur.

3) Medical Perspectives in the Equine Social License to Operate, Chris Kowcak, DVM. This talk was about how the world perceives the use of horses in sports, creating a loss in industries such as Greyhound racing and reducing the workforce in all horse-related endeavors. He discusses the industry’s efforts to provide transparency to make things better for horses.

4) Update on Yearling Thoroughbred Repository Findings, Chris Kowcak, DVM. This well-funded study brought radiographs of 2-year-old sale Thoroughbreds that independent radiologists assessed. Then, race results analyzed a year later helped to look back on the radiographic findings with a clearer insight into their ability to predict injury or lack of further damage based on lesions seen.

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