Podcast #094 – Horsemanship – Here Comes The Sun

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The Beatles played music from the 1950s through today, though two of the “Fab Four” are now dead. Their “invasion” of the United States occurred in 1963 when I was in 5th grade. While some of you listening to this have probably never heard of this iconic band, their music still plays around the world. Their song, “Here Comes The Sun,” is one of the top songs, if not the #1 song, ever played by listeners. And at its roots is what is at the core of horsemanship.

I go a bit esoteric on this podcast, relating what all of you know as horsemanship to a song. Over the past several decades, adverbs added to modify the word “horsemanship” imply that you need to do something, be something, or join something to become a horseman. Of course, there is the gender issue, but I’ll ignore that because “man,” when used in “horseman,” implies “human.” So far, no one has wanted to create the word “huher,” as in horsehership.

But I wanted to make this podcast when I worked on several horses last weekend regarded by their owners as “unpredictable,” “bad actors,” and generally horses that caused anxiousness in these seasoned owners. After successfully making them willing partners in the floating process, I decided to listen to music on the ride home. That is when I heard this song, and that is when I realized the secret to working successfully with horses that I have never seen before and having them become willing partners within a minute of starting.

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