Podcast #089 – Since The Days Of The Romans – Chapters 13, 14, and 15

This podcast covers chapters thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen of my autobiography, Since The Days Of The Romans—My Journey Of Discovering A Life With Horses. If you are new to this podcast, please go to podcast # 078 to start from the beginning of this book. Over the next few months, I’ll record and publish all 18 chapters of my autobiography. I hope you enjoy hearing my story and find inspiration if you need help finding your journey.

May 2023 represents my 50th year working with horses. So how did I get here? What brought me from being a wandering young man to becoming an equine veterinarian?

In 2014, I wrote my autobiography to help others trying to find their way but having obstacles block their path. This recording is my story of finding my passion while overcoming my obstacles: a poor reader and student, a three-time college dropout, and good at everything but finding no spark to become proficient, discovering horses, my wife, and gaining entry into Cornell University and then Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

As homage to my half-century, I read my book, “Since The Days Of The Romans – My Journey of Discovering a Life with Horses,” on this and future podcasts. But there’s more! At the end of each chapter, I tell a “True And Incredible Story Of A Horse Vet.” These tales are from my life as a veterinarian to break up my life’s journey in the book from childhood to my graduation day from Cornell’s Veterinary College.

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