Podcast #081 – The Horse Race Between Evolution And Technology

Evolution defines the development of a species, such as the horse, throughout all time on Earth. However, the starting point may be adjusted to any moment we choose, for example, identifying a particular breed, when man domesticated horses, or when the first resemblance of a horse appeared. The time between the selected point and today is thousands to millions of years ago. More importantly, the rate of change is relatively constant.

Technology is the development or engineering of devices using science to build upon what is known to solve a need. However, while the length of time may also be thousands to millions of years, the rate of change is exponential. For example, a long time passed between having no wheel to its acceptance as a work-saving device. Then, a long time still before axles, brakes, and multiple wheels became common. Rapidly, other technology followed: roads, engines, safety restraints, and driving rules with speed detection devices.

As technology advances at an increasing pace, the evolution of the horse does not. This podcast reminds us that while we can do much with and for our horses, have they paced it through their evolutionary development?

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