Podcast #074 – Get Your Brain Right, Get Your Horse Right (“Cognitive Laziness”)

I am returning to podcasting after a six-month break. I will tell you why in the next podcast. Instead, in this podcast, I want to read a blog I wrote back in March 2020.

There are two drivers for my action here. The first is the recent uptick in the discussion about artificial intelligence. The second is the observation that most horse owners I see or hear from are still listening to this artificial intelligence.

My example is old, both in when it happened and my use of it. About 500 years ago, we believed the Sun circled the Earth. Then Galileo taught his belief that the Sun was in the middle of Earth’s orbit. The church sentenced him to death but then changed the sentence to lifetime house arrest plus burning all his books. Then Copernicus, who was NOT cognitively lazy, found the truth. Few people today think differently about Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

Elon Musk is at the forefront of warnings that artificial intelligence can enforce lies. From there, people take sides, fervently believing what they know. But, taking a step back, isn’t this just marketing? Knowing what is “truth” and “accurate scientific data” is becoming more complicated.

Enjoy my perspective in my March 2020 blog, “Get Your Brain Right, Get Your Horse Right (“Cognitive Laziness”).”

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