Horse Seminar Summaries – Podcast #050

I attended 3 equine seminars all with veterinarians discussing different matters: 1) “How Horses Think” put on by Cornell University (not the vet school) 2) “Laminitis Rounds” put on by the American Association of Equine Practitioners 3) “Fiber intake, Fermentation and Dental Condition” put on by the European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress. I also listened to a podcast from Purina called “Mythbusters.” This podcast presents my summaries of these events. Frankly I was disappointed and I tell you why. In a world filled with information, misleading information, agenda driven information and siloed information a horse owner may become confused as to what they need to know. The experts in these presentations are real experts with credentials and strong beliefs. However, when I listen to their presentations I come up with more unanswered questions than answers. But I do find some gems too. I will give you both and my reasons why as I continue to show all horse owners that there are many sides to a coin.


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