Podcast #049 – Why Do We Go To The Horse Barn?

Why Do We Go To The Horse Barn?

Helping Horses Thrive In A Human World is what we do at The Horse’s Advocate. But what about us? How do we thrive in this human world filled with tragedies and unrest? The answer is simple. We go to the barn!

What are the mechanics of our desire to spend our time and money in the harsh elements of weather, soiling our hands and clothes and leaving social occasions early because we hear the thunder? Do we become so wrapped up in the thought of the world that we bring all our burdens to the barn? Why? We think we need our horses to be our therapists. In reality, there is a simple explanation of what is happening, and I try to help you visualize this.

Once you see that over time, we have turned a two-way street in our brains into a one-way street, we can understand that this roadblock prevents us from feeling happiness. Going to the barn is the exercise we need to unblock our thinking. This opens up the needed two-way flow between our overwhelming analytical thoughts and our present, in-the-moment thoughts. The horse then becomes our mirror to tell us if we are successful. Through practice, we help ourselves thrive in this human world.

Links to aid horses (and other animals) in the Ukraine – Russian conflict:

I also noted that the AVMA was helping with all animals in Afghanistan, but I could not find that link.

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