Podcast #046 – Horse Psychology With Dr Jenny Susser

The Equine Practice Inc, The Horse's Advocate

Today’s guest is Dr. Jenny Susser, a sports and performance psychologist from Ocala, FL. She “successfully applies her years of experience merging mind and body wellness with performance, helping people make a lasting and positive difference in their personal and professional lives.”

Dr. Jenny also loves horses and applies her training to horse owners and riders, helping her connect them to their horses, overcome their blocks and help them become successful at whatever level they aim for. This includes new riders to Olympic riders.

One question I always have for Dr. Jenny is how does the horse’s brain work? We don’t have much information on this, but what we know can be applied to how we interact with them. This podcast covers a bit of anatomy and pokes around what we feel is important for all people to think about when connecting with horses. Thank you for joining us!

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