Therapeutics In Horses – Safety And Side Effects – Podcast #044

I report here on the safety and side effects of 4 different therapeutics used for specific
purposes in horses. These 4 studies were presented at the 2021 AAEP meeting I
attended virtually.
  1. Using butorphenol and detomidine in scoping TB yearlings for laryngeal function.
  2. Using Equioxx or Banamine to determine if there is sub grade colitis.
  3. CBD use in horses safety.
  4. CBD use in horses for sedation and ataxia.
This is some pretty dry stuff but I wrap each one up with what it means to horse owners
and at the end, I conclude with the problems in good scientific research in horses. Hang in
there because understanding how constricted the science is reflects on what we as horse
owners can understand from the good intentions of researchers. This is a slow process
for most of us including the veterinarians listen to or reading these studies.


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