Podcast #042 – A Review Of A Horse Magazine

I am on a path of revealing just how science works and why it is a well orchestrated drama to usually promote an agenda. I try not to be cynical or even blind but in this age of slogans such as “Follow the science” I need to define not what science is (I did this in a members only “Rounds With Doc T”) but to give examples from a popular magazine. I read and then summarize each article in the Winter 2021 edition of Equus to give an alternate point of view. What I cover here also applied to videos, podcasts and social media rants. I describe the importance of reading who has sponsored the article and if there is an author willing to take responsibility for what is written. I look at information and judge it for the value and honesty it brings. There are some really good articles and there are some so embarrassing in bias that it brings into question the validity of the good articles. But in any event I really want listeners to understand that you MUST question everything you read, hear or watch and ask questions. In fact, one of my benchmarks I have for judging whether something I am reading is valid is to notice if I have more questions at the end than I did before starting.


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