Laminitis In Horses – HorseTalk Webinar


Laminitis in horses requires understanding the basics and avoiding common mistakes.

This was a FREE hour-long web broadcast where I discussed laminitis in horses.

Even though my veterinary practice is limited to horsemanship-based traditional equine dentistry, I really love to teach and I use this time to help horse owners understand what they feel is a complicated issue.

Here are the key points about laminitis in horses:

  • What is laminitis exactly? and make it understandable so I don’t need a vet degree.
  • How can I prevent laminitis in my horses? There are many factors involved.
  • What can I do about laminitis if my horse suffers from it? This depends on the severity of the episode.
  • What is the NUMBER 1 way to effectively STOP laminitis from occurring in your horse? This may be a simple answer for many horses.

Join me now and learn the basics of laminitis in horses.

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Join us today to “Help Horses Thrive In A Human World.”

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