Podcast #065 – Is What We’re Being Taught Correct?

We are all students; we usually believe the teachers that teach us. Math was easy. 2+2=4, and there is no getting around that. Then, over 500 years ago, teachers taught that the sun circled the Earth. In a short time, researchers proved this to be wrong. Unless you believe the Earth is flat.

Veterinary medicine, human medicine, and every other profession not using physics (engineering) come up with theories they test. But are the results accurate? For example, do plaques cause Alzheimer’s disease or not? It depends on whose research you believe and, more importantly, what research is doctored to make the facts fit the theories.

Horse owners are overwhelmed with conflicting “facts” about their horses’ care. Yet, an underlying theme of all the research I find is that everyone wants to treat a condition rather than discover the cause of it. After all, if we could prevent disease and injury in our horses, would veterinarians and human doctors still be relevant?

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